• Why are so many adults today haunted by trauma?

  • Campus sex, campus security

  • Sex and Harm in the Age of Consent

    • "Exposing the fault lines underlying our regulation of sex: Sex and Harm in the Age of Consent cautions against the adoption of consent as our primary determinant of sexual freedom. Examining the representation of consent in U.S. law and media culture, Joseph J. Fischel contends that the figures of the sex offender and the child are consent’s alibi, enabling fictions that allow consent to do the work cut out for it under late modern sexual politics."

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed - Paulo Freire

    • Both a theory of oppression and the source of liberation which suggests that the key to liberation is developing a critical awareness and the thinking process in the individual. Freire suggests that this can be developed through a new type of partnership between the teacher and the student, empowering the student to enter into a dialogue and begin the process of humanization through thought and its correlative, action. There is much in here that has been helpful in guiding mediation, empowering those who have committed harms to work on their own self reflection, self transformation and critical awareness.


wonderful critique of anarchist approaches to community led justice projects. This article highlights many issues and pitfalls of approaches such as ours. These include: 

  • There is no clear sense of when it’s over, or what constitutes success or failure.

  • Standards for success are unrealistic.

  • We lack the collective ability to realize many demands.

  • We lack skills in counseling, mediation, and conflict resolution.

  • This stuff depresses people and burns them out.

  • Accountability processes suck up disproportionate time and energy.

  • Subcultural bonds are weak enough that people just drop out.

  • Collective norms encourage and excuse unaccountable behavior.

  • The residue of the adversarial justice system taints our application of community accountability models.

  • Sexual assault accountability language and methods are used in situations for which they were not intended.


A collection of five essays that explore the limitations of current anarchist models of “accountability” in situations of rape and abuse. The zine raises a number of important questions regarding the “accountability processes” that have been developed over the past ten or so years to deal with these issues within the anarchist space.

Other collectives doing similar work

The Philly stand up

“Philly Stands Up is small collective of individuals working in Philadelphia to confront sexual assault in our various communities using a transformative justice framework. We believe in restoring trust and justice within our community by working with both survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault. We believe that sexual assault comes in many forms and we are doing what we can to actively combat it.

We work with people who have assaulted others to hold them accountable to the survivor(s) and restore their relationships within their communities. In dealing with perpetrators, we seek to recognize and change behavior, rather than ostracizing and allowing future assaults elsewhere. We support their healing process, and challenge them on their behavior in order to prevent future assaults.

We also work to educate ourselves and others on issues that contribute to sexualized violence. To encourage awareness building, we provide support for other groups and collectives as well as host workshops in Philly and elsewhere.“