(747) 444-ALTJ

We are a community-run group administering and distributing care for those who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence. We recognize that there is a huge space between going to the police and doing nothing at all. We are here to help fill that space and to inspire others to do so also. 


Sometimes victim/survivors want: 

  • to be heard
  • someone else to listen
  • affirmation that they are cared for and seen
  • a place to speak out their anger, without action or punishment being taken as a consequence
  •  a message delivered on their behalf
  • help writing a letter to someone who left them harmed that they can never deliver
  • help creating space between them and someone who left them harmed, not as a punitive measure, but because sometimes space is beneficial 
  •  advocacy
  • mediation in having a difficult conversation with someone who has left them harmed 

We try to support any of these things and more within the framework of our vision and shared critiques, which can be tricky since we critique punitive measures, and sometimes this is what victim/survivors want.